Wanted Electrical Engineers IN SAUDI ARABIA

A reputed multinational EPC Contractors calls forskilled Engineers :

Substation Design Engineer:
Must have extra than 15 years enjoy in design / engineering of HV/MV substations, grass roots substation, ETAP software, Should be able toexpandstatistics sheet, MR’s and technical bids etc.

OHTL (Over Head Transmission line ) Design Engineer
Must have greater than 12 years enjoy, in layout / engineering of HV/MV transmission lines, layout of stealth voltage calcs, Work experience of SAG10/ PLS CAD etc.

Principal Desginer
Must have more than 15 years experience in engineering of HV/MV substations, revel in with 3-d software, increaselayout and should be capable ofdevelop MTO, TB etc.

Interested candidates ahead your resume to careersgcbh@gmail.Com

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