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Job Description 
Job Description of a Construction Engineer 

Construction engineers are key cogs to successfully completing a construction project. The projects that they work on might include designing a drainage and sewage system, constructing a building or developing railroads or roadways. Construction engineers often focus on a specific type of construction project. Some of these specialties are: 

Building – commercial housing or business building 
Electrical – electrical systems 
Mechanical – plumbing, heating or air conditioning 
Construction engineers often use computers when producing and analyzing their designs for a project. Their job requires being able to put together a good team to complete a project. Construction engineers need to possess the proper knowledge of estimating, planning and controlling the costs associated with construction projects. They may have an engineering degree and some construction work experience, or they may obtain a bachelor’s degree in construction engineering.(Civil) 

Job Duties of Construction Engineers 

A construction engineer wears many hats when directing and assessing a project. They will survey the area where the job is to take place, paying special attention to environmental issues or government codes that need to be considered. Before a job starts, they might prepare reports on their findings and consult with others who have a hand in the project. Those parties might include environmental associations, government agencies and third-party construction companies. Construction engineers need to have a strong understanding of building codes, laws and regulations that might affect their projects. 

They must estimate and determine the total cost of a project. The associated costs can include: 

Site inspections 
Tests regarding sewage, drainage or elevation levels 
Labor costs 
Construction engineers manage a variety of parties involved in any given job. They are also responsible for supervising a job to its completion while paying special attention to the allotted budget for the project as a whole. They must have good communication, interpersonal and leadership skills., math and problem solving skills. 

Job Type: Full-time

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