Uma Ubud Hotel and Resort Bali

The beautiful Bali! Uma Ubud is an intimate hotel offering exceptional style on Bali in Indonesia., Its Not only does Uma Ubud reflect COMOs philosophy of quiet comfort in culture-rich locations; this inland retreat is also dedicated to health, activity and adventure.

You will be seduced by the rich, traditional life existing among the region’s forests and mist-wrapped rice paddies. For intelligent access to this natural heritage and layered culture, they provide guides and itineraries. The crystal clear water almost invades the houses, completing the amazing picture projected in this paradise location. Lots of green and blue outside, lots of white for the interior. Fluid white curtains create an absolutely bohemian atmosphere and the Balanchine bed definitely makes your sleeping and resting one of the priorities. Below photos there are more beautiful seen you can review and wish to visit this palace before die.

Architecture design

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