Microsoft Dynamics AX Techno – Functional Engineer visa available.

8th July 2019 - jobs

Job Description 
Microsoft Dynamics AX Project Lead & IT Support. 
a) Provide technical & basic functional support in all modules including finance, production, trade & logistics, HR etc. 
b) Installing and configuring all aspects of Microsoft Dynamics AX. 
c) Configuring and Maintaining Dynamics AX administrative tasks such as (User Management, Role Management, Configuration, and Deployment). 
d) Basic AD Administration and overall environment responsibility in multi-instance AX environment. 
e) Design, Develop, Test and monitor plans for AX security implementation. 
f) Develop forms & reports as per the requirements from AX users. 

2) IT Documentation Related to pharma industry. 
3) Provide support on Serialization Projects. 
3) Provide all different types of IT support as per the requirement. 

Experience Required: 2 Years or Above 
Send Resumes to : 
Nationality : Any (Transferable Iqama / Visa available) 

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