Technology In The Heart Of Nature

Technology In The Heart Of Nature

Have you ever questioned how era can adjust our environment? Or, how era granted us new experiences in our own surroundings?. The viable solutions are approximately the usefulness of robots, spaceships, skyscrapers, and etc., however how approximately mixing nature and technology. One of the primary precedents of such tries turned into the Philip Johnson’s Glass House with all its critiques. 

However, in the heart of Graz, second largest metropolis of Austria, lies an island inside the river which blends the character and generation in a completely extraordinary way. The Murinselor Mur Island is an synthetic floating island on Mur river in Graz, Austria. It changed into completed in 2003 and in view that then it’s miles one of the landmarks of Graz. However, the records of such collaboration between generation and surroundings dates lower back to 260 AD.

During the Sassanid era {circa 224-661 AD},, Shapur I ordered the construction of the world’s oldest still standing bridge named the Dezful Bridge within the metropolis of Dezful. It is certainly one of the primary precedents this is still standing, however, its feature is limited to connecting the east and west of the metropolis. Centuries after, rethinking the bridges in the course of the reign of Shah Abbas the Great added up new concepts about the feature of bridges. Most of the bridges to that date had been used for two main different functions inclusive of connectors of two facets of a village or etc. And appearing as a weir for the adjacent lands.

On the Zayanderud, the most important river of Iranian plateau which passes from the coronary heart of Isfahan, stands a bridge named Khaju which changed into ordered by way of Shah Abbas the Great to be built at the river. The primary goal of him changed into to attach the two neighborhoods of the northern and southern banks which were named as Khaju and Zoroastrian neighborhoods. In addition to the functional cause of the bridge, he additionally ordered the architect to construct a enjoyment vicinity for him and his family so that he can watch the town and Zayanderud.

There is another crucial bridge on Zayenderud named Si-o-se-pol which changed into also ordered by using Shah Abbas to be built three kilometers far from the Kahju bridge that connects the elite mansions community to Jolfa, an Armenian neighborhood inside the city. This bridge works as a joint between neighborhoods, a weir, and a place for locals to spend their unfastened time..

What is important is that designers, whether or not architects or engineers have been the use of generation to enhance the surroundings and the way humans can experience it. Khaju bridge become made viable through technology and the smart use of it granted the citizens a place for their enjoyment time that they’ll have never skilled before. Sitting proper in the middle of the river and viewing the encircling surroundings has been a significant part of the citizens’ social life because the construction of these bridges. Most of the world’s explorers described Khaju bridge as a masterpiece of its time and described it in detail…

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