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Table of Contents

1.         SCOPE.. 4

2.         PURPOSE.. 4

3.         DEFINITIONS. 4

4.         REFERENCES. 4



7.         HSE.. 7

8.         PROCEDURE.. 7



11.       QUALITY ASSURANCE.. 11

12.       APPENDICES. 12

1.         SCOPE

      This Method Statement outlined the following items;

  • Resources to be used.
  • Work procedure for dry wall partition system.
  • Handling and storage of materials.
  • Responsibility.
  • Inspection and test plan.
  • Inspection checklist.

2.         PURPOSE

The purpose of this Work Method Statement for dry wall partition works is to outline and describe in detail the procedure such as setting and lay-out plan on actual location, collecting accessories, fixing system and all other related activity. And inform all concerned supervisor including workers the value and importance of this activity prior to implementation. This activity should be performed with strict compliance and implementation of Safety Requirements & Procedure and project specifications to complete the work.

3.         DEFINITIONS

MOI               Ministry of Interior (Employer)

GIJV              Consultant: Gesbau Italconsult Joint Venture

BEC                Beijing Emirates International Construction Co. (Contractor)

IFC                 Issued For Construction

QD                 Quality Department

QCP               Quality Control Plan

ITP                 Inspection and Test Plan

JSA                Job Safety Analysis

STA                Safety Task Assignments

QCI                Quality Control Inspector

MDS             Material Data Sheet

TDS               Technical Data Sheet

4.         REFERENCES

      Specification and Documents listed below are referred to;

  • KAP5- Group 4 (09521 & 09841) Project Specifications.
  • ASTM E 84 …etc.
  • Handbook. BEC HSE Plan.
  • BEC Quality Assurance Plan.
  • BEC Environmental Control Plan.
  • Approved drawings.
  • Material Approval.


  • Project Manager

Project manager is responsible for maintaining the safety and progress of the work. He shall ensure that he has the latest drawings of the project and have updated information from the Engineer regarding project.

  • Construction Manager

The Construction Manager is responsible for the arrangement of the work.

  • HSE Manager

The HSE Manager is responsible for reviewing this procedure method statement, ensuring that the method statement, JSA and STA are carried out at the required time by the Safety Officer. Ensuring that all operations are briefed on the method statement and signed to confirm receipt of briefing

  • Safety Officer (reports directly to the HSE Manager)

The Safety Officer is responsible for the following:

  • Insure that all safety requirements to start the activity are provided by the construction group as per project HSE manual and specification.
  • To conduct daily inspection to ensure that safety requirements are being maintained up to the completion of this activity.
  • Ensure operatives understand the method statement and are briefed on the method statement.
  • Advise operatives on their responsibilities and safety requirements.
  • Site Engineer

   Site Engineer has to insure that all the dry wall partition work are carried out as per required specifications and Method of Statement. To insure that all parties required any kind of inspection are suitably informed as to the delivery program. Insure that the notification time to QC is sufficient to meet notification time to Engineer.

  • Site Surveyor

Site Surveyor is responsible to allocate all locations as indicated in all arch. Drawings under instruction of SE, IR has to be issued and approved.

  • Site Foreman

Site Foreman team must work together to ensure that all activities regarding dry wall partition works shall be carried out properly. Preparation of area and necessary requirements for this method of statement must be carried out carefully to ensure safety and on-time delivery of work.

  • Quality Control Inspector (QCI)
  • The QC Inspector is responsible for checking and verifying the documentation for the Inspection Request (IR) submitted by the Site Engineer prior to submit the same to the client for inspection.
  • QC Inspector is responsible for rejecting the work or prepare observation report if the work is found not in-compliance or unsatisfactory.
  • The Observation Note will specify the commented work by the QC Inspector and submit for rectification prior to carry out the Inspection Request.
  • Coordinate with the Site Engineer and Client representative during inspection.
  • The dry wall partition fixer

Shall be responsible for the dry wall partition system application works.


Materials Tools & Equipments
Drywall Partition: 16 mm thick regular gypsum board for general use or as approved. Metal Framing:30mm wide C-shaped steel studs of thickness 0.60mm compatible with wall thickness as shown on drawings or as approved.Trim Accessories:Manufacturer’s standard trim accessories of type indicated for drywall work, form of galvanized steel unless otherwise indicated, with either knurled and perforated or expanded flanges for nailing or stapling, and beaded for concealment of flanges in joint compound or as approved.Corner beads, L-type edge trim-beads, U type edge trim beads, special L-kerf type edge trim beads, and one-piece control joint beads as required or as approved. – Rock wool as indicated in material submittal/ drawings and as per manufacturer. – Welding Machine – Welding Tool – Cutting  Tools – Misc. Fabrication Tools – Set of minor tools

Materials are subjected to GIJV’s approval and installed in site as per manufacturer recommendation

7.         HSE

  • Daily site inspections before work commences should be carried out to look for indications of any situation that could result in cave-ins and indications of failure of protective systems.
  • Provide sufficient lighting during hours of darkness to allow safe working conditions.
  • :

The foregoing procedure for the installation of Drywall Partition will serve as a guide or reference to the SA and QCE along the course of their work to achieve an acceptable quality of workmanship, and at the same time to control materials utilization and attaining the optimum results with less time and effort as:

  • Consist of bottom and top metal track runners with vertical and horizontal studs to form a framing system for the Gypsum Partition wall.
  • Bottom and Top metal track runners shall be aligned to assure plumb wall and by securing the track with suitable fasteners at maximum spacing of 600 mm on centers.
  • Vertical studs shall be fixed along the metal track runner plumb-aligned spaced at 600mm on center likewise horizontal studs are fixed at 1200 mm on center in a staggered manner.
  • Regular gypsum board shall be fixed to the framing system by means of fastener of self-drilling screws of 300mm distance on center
  • Gypsum board shall be installed vertically to avoid end-butt joints wherever possible.
  • Gypsum board shall be installed with face side out. Imperfect, damaged or damp board shall not be installed.

Follow previous method statements for painting systems and ceiling systems finishing (For Gypsum Boards) procedure in accordance with manufacture instruction.

  • Trim Accessories
  • Trim Accessories such as corner trims, edge trims, radius corner trims, “L” trim molding, “J” molding, “U” type edge trim-beads or ceiling trims to name a few wherever applicable shall be fixed as per the approved drawings and that of the technical specifications.
  • Trim accessories shall be fixed to smooth finish and shall have added protection to areas where walls are subject to more than normal abuse. Installation and choice of trim accessories is as per Gypsum board manufacturer’s recommendations and instruction for installation as much as possible.

Conform to the Manufacturer’s requirements and recommendations for transportation, handling and storage.


The QCE shall invite the engineer to witness the foregoing procedure as per the submitted IRs (Inspection Requests).

An IR will be offered to the Engineer after levels allocation is completed. Once the Engineer approves that the suspension and supporting system is ready for installation, an IR for will be offered for inspection. Likewise, an IR will always be offered to the Engineer for inspection and acceptance on the subsequent final activities.

Frequency of inspection requests shall be as per the approved ITP.


The QA/QC Manager will monitor and ensure that this Method Statement shall be observed so that smooth Work Flow will be attained. The following activities shall be observed:  Prior to the installation of dry partition work, erect one sample, 1500 x 1500 mm as directed by the Engineer. Obtain the Engineer’s approval of the mock-up before proceeding with installation. Retain mock-up during construction as a standard for judging completed work.Single Source Responsibility: Provide materials same manufacturersCoordination of Work: Review other Sections of these Specifications in which materials are to be provided to ensure compatibility of complete system for various sequences. Upon request from other trades, furnish information or characteristics of finish materials provided for use, to ensure compatible components are used.Material Quality: Provide manufacturer’s best quality trade sale material of various types specified. Accessories material containers not displaying manufacturer’s product identification will not be acceptable. QA/QC Manager QCE, SA  


12.1Inspection and Test Plan.



(Dry Wall Partition Works)

Briefing delivered by:

Position: QA/QC Manager

Date: 06.06.2016

We (the undersigned) have read and understood the attached method statement and will comply with the specified requirements and control measures. If the work activity changes or deviates from that originally envisaged, we will seek further advice and request an amended method statement.





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