Cars And Architecture, What Do They Have In Common?

Cars And Architecture, What Do They Have In Common?


Today we gave ourselves one venture. Let’s attempt to connect two absolutely specific things. Let’s say motors and structure. Is there anything that motors and architecture have in common?

Of course they do! Every company has its own headquarters. In our case, there also are factories, showrooms, pavilions, etc. To do our little venture we choose Audi. Why Audi? Because they have top notch taste in both, automobiles and architecture.

The maximum outstanding constructing associated with this company is their headquarters in Tokyo, called Audi Forum. It is also known as “The Iceberg” due to its beautiful glassy dynamic facade. Forum is designed by using Creative Designers International (CDI) and it is truely one among the most diagnosed buildings in this mega city. It’s even listed as one of 7 architectural wonders of the arena in Conde Nast Traveller. Audi Ring is absolutely the first-rate instance of connection between vehicles and architecture. This outstanding piece of cutting-edge structure is designed with the aid of Schmidhuber + Partner in cooperation with KMS TEAM. It’s one hundred meters lengthy and 70 meters wide cutting-edge trade show pavilion with integrated using track, wherein up to nine vehicles can be moving concurrently on levels, seen additionally from the outside via elongated openings within the façade.

Next Audi constructing that attracted our attention is Audi Centre in Singapore. With three underground floors and 8 floors above the floor it’s the tallest Audi facility within the international covering place of 3,057 rectangular meters (32,903 rectangular feet).

All photographs by way of schmidhuber + partner

Audi AreA1 is another pavilion designed by Schmidhuber + Partner, this time in Barcelona, Spain. Visitors to AreA1 are led through a chain of zones that follow a clear dramaturgy. First come numerous showroom modules that present the new A1 in ideal light. Next come exhibition regions designed to display product information, vehicle configuration and connectivity issues in a active and attractive manner. The last prevent on the go to is a small, central marketplace with a bar, seating, and WLAN. This meeting region is also the start line of the Driving Experience, in which traffic can be part of Audi teachers on a take a look at pressure of the new A1.






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