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Super Modern Ammoudi House by Katerina Valsamaki

minimalist facade by Katerina Valsamaki

Have you ever dreamed about living on the incredible Mediterranean island, being surrounded with nothing but gorgeous nature and stunning views? You might want to check out this modern home.

Ammoudi House is beautiful new super modern house designed by the Greece-based architect Katerina Valsamaki. It is located on the Greek Zakynthos island, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece.

Super modern facade and minimalist entrance are first thing that grabs your attention while you’re approaching the house. Before you enter, an olive tree will make sure you’re aware of the fact that you are currently in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, the Mediterranean Sea.

The house was built as a vacation home and design is flexible enough to make it permanent residence in the future. One of the ideas was to blend modern house with the low grown vegetation, mostly vineyards and olive trees.

Interior design is focused to give maximum attention to the incredible sea views. Minimalism was also one of the key features with modern furniture being the focal point of every room. Exterior walls are made of glass, making them easily removable when weather approves. That way outdoor living space and interiors are blended into one amazing modern residence.

Dining room by Katerina Valsamaki
Bedroom by Katerina Valsamaki
Bathroom by Katerina Valsamaki
Modern bathroom by Katerina Valsamaki
Kitchen view by Katerina Valsamaki
Modern home by Katerina Valsamaki
Modern house by Katerina Valsamaki
Minimalist entrance by Katerina Valsamaki
Terrace by Katerina Valsamaki
Terrace view by Katerina Valsamaki
Living room view by Katerina Valsamaki
Removable glass wall by Katerina Valsamaki
Modern interior by Katerina Valsamaki

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