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source taken by TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN FORT MUNRO BOOK by Architect Shafqat sharjil Buzdar, design by architect shafqtat buzdar

There were many things on my schedule when I traveled from TAUNSA to  Fort Munro and familiarize myself with this less travelled rout to Quetta.
For those who take their chance for the first time to the city, it might sound too good to be true but Dera Ghazi Khan (D G Khan) in the past was known as Dera Phullan Da Sehra “land of flowers”. The canal skirted its eastern side, fringed with luxurious gardens of mango trees, while ghats lined the bank, thronged in summer by numerous bathers.

Fort Munro hill station, situated at a height of 6,470 feet above sea level, is about 185 kilo metres from Multan and around 85 kilo metres from Dera Ghazi Khan in Suleiman Mountain Range. Fort Munro is just beyond the Punjab border. The term ‘fort’ appears somewhat overstated since the town appears more like a calm hill resort with gardens and orchards rather than a military station. The town was recognized by Sir Robert Sandeman in the later part of the 19th century and named Fort Munro after Colonel Munro who was commissioner of the Derajat Division. It magnetizes a large number of tourists each year, mainly those who wish to run away from hot plains of southern Punjab to take pleasure in kind and enjoyable weather for a day or two. The Punjab Government has planned an Rs 735 million cable car system and allied services project, which is most probable to kick off soon to attract people from nearby areas being the only hill station of southern Punjab in Dera Ghazi Khan District. The cable car would start from Khar, a small settlement at the foot of Fort, and go up to Fort Munro after a stopover at TDCP motel. TDCP resort presents outstanding boating on the Dames Lake.

You can reached either from Loralai (Balochistan) or from Multan (Punjab). From Punjab, the mountain range sets up near Rakhni, which is a border-post among Balochistan and Punjab. One can see the marks of both the provinces in the shops. There are lush green fields of cotton on both sides of the road. From Rakhni onwards the flatland provides way to the hills and the climb starts towards Fort Munro. The road is in fine shape and the climb is at a contented slope, save for some pointed bends and switchbacks as it criss-crosses through the mountains. The road rises sharply and rises to about 1600 Metres. The road then move towards a crossing, the right division leading towards Fort Munro, while the left fork goes on to Dera Ghazi Khan.The area is mostly populated by Baloch tribes. In 1950, a merger of Balochi tribes with the Punjab was arrived at and a stone was erected atop the Fort Munro highest hill characteristic to remember the historic event.

 Fort Munro NAME

Pakistan has many popular mountains in northern hilly areas and some are in apart from northern areas. Fort Munro is a hill station in Dera Gazi Khan.Fort Munro is named after General Munro. who was appointed in Multan,Punjab before independence of Pakistan(1947). It is only mountain area which is situated in southern Punjab. It is also a famous mountain area which lies in Quetta Road at 85 km from Dera Gazi Khan city in the Suleiman Mountains Range. Its altitude is 1800 meters. Many people stay and enjoy his short holidays during the summer.

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