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Minimod is not just another container house. It is small mobile house where design, functionality and sustainability perfectly met in 27 square meters of modern living space and offered atmosphere like you’ve never experienced before.

Container house creators and location

Minimod is container house designed by MAPA Architects, a very talented group of Brazilian architects and designers. It is located in Maquiné – Rio Grande do Sul, area on the atlantic coast in Southern Brazil. Area is rich with lakes and nature is simply amazing which inspired architects to create container house that offers an innovative, intelligent and sustainable alternative way of living.

Container house design

One of the most obvious reasons why Minimod is not just another container house is its design. Cold steel and aluminium walls are replaced with wood which is perfect for thermal insulation and gives you more possibilities when it comes to design and shaping. Minimalist approach created more living space in 27 square meters than you could ever imagine. With prefabricated parts, Minimod is fully functionable container house that can easily be transported everywhere.

“MINIMOD is more than a product of design, is more than a house. It’s practicality combined with comfort, it’s economy allied to nature, it’s a unique experience of housing and contemporary living.” – MAPA Architects

What do you think about this container house? How do you like this design?

All photos © Leonardo Finotti

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