Holiday home like no other, Larvik, Norway

19th February 2019 - LUXURY HOMES
Holiday home like no other, Larvik, Norway

Holiday home on the rocks

While designing a holiday home, a few things need to be considered; location, materials and atmosphere you wan’t to experience while being away from the daily routine. This summer cabin showed us how it’s done.

Lille Arøya is contemporary holiday home designed by Lund Hagem studio. While modern holiday homes are nothing new, location of Lille Arøya makes is like no other. Located on the rocky coast of Larvik town, it is perfect weekend getaway from Norway’s capital, Oslo.

Lille Arøya was redesigned for a young family who wanted more sheltered place and holiday home that responds to their desires. “The site is located within 5 meters (16 feet) of the waters edge on a small island with large topographic differences. The site is exposed to prevailing winds from south –west, and as with so many sites along the Norwegian coast, it boasts a magnificent view. Access is limited to boat” – states architect’s press release.

House exterior and interior are focused on timer as the main material used. The house itself was placed on the steel beams drilled into the rocks. While timber formed contemporary shape, glass walls were used to close the living space, but to provide gorgeous and relaxing views of the surrounding nature.

Naked concrete was used to define interior living space, creating raw and natural atmosphere all around, reminding its visitors on importance of stress-free lifestyle. Once again, steel, concrete, glass and wood proved that these are the best materials for modern lifestyle.

Holiday home on the lakefront
Holiday home located on the rocky coast
Modern holiday home
Contemporary holiday home
Modern holiday home rooftop
Timber walls on the holiday home
Side facade of the modern holiday home
Timber facade
Glass walls
Glass walls on the holiday home
Modern glass facade
Modern glass facade
Raw concrete in the modern holiday home
Raw concrete and glass
Concrete texture
Concrete and wood interior
Side drawing of modern holiday home
Floor plan of modern holiday home
Site situation
Home model

All photos by Alexandre Westberg & courtesy of Lund Hagem

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