Month: June 2019

Foster + Partners has completed 4 fundamental stations for the 450-kilometre high-speed rail between the principal Saudi Arabian towns of Makkah, Madinah, Jeddah and King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC). Called Haramain High-speed rail, the stations welcomed its first passengers for the holy festival of Eid for the primary time. The four stations along the route – conceived as gateways to each city – are stimulated with the aid of the ancient architectural traditions of the region and offer a shaded retreat from the solar whilst growing a new infrastructural spine for sustainable delivery in Saudi Arabia. […]
Due to complete the new venture “Contemporary Architecture of Iran After Islamic Revolution” by using World Architecture Community Country Reporter Dr. Javad Eiraji and in line with the studies principle of the book, 30 top modern homes of this era and 30 pinnacle present day architects of this country had been selected as studies case research. The most important aim of the undertaking is to search for the location of that means in present day structure of Iran and due to these factors and theories the case research have been decided on and via every interview we can come to the primary bases and design procedure of contemporary structure of Iran. The summary of the cited interviews will be shared and published by […]
In this distinct interview, we communicate about the approaching tasks of Alireza Taghaboni’s company, Next Office. The organization gained the 2018 Royal Academy Dorfman Award, one of the maximum prestigious prizes in the subject of architecture in 2018. You can read more approximately it here. Alireza Taghaboni, the reputable consultant of the company, gave a detailed statistics about the approaching tasks of Next Office. This article covers Guyim Vault House, Sadra Artist Forum, and Sadra Civic Center in detail.  Guyim Vault House, Guyim, Fars province, Iran, (expected to be completed in 2020) Farzam Kharvari: As […]
The ICOMOS has introduced the status quo of the Scientific Committee for Vernacular Architecture in Iran. Contemporary architecture of Iran, as example of what is referred to as the jap structure, is different from its western counterpart in several functions amongst which the most critical is that the it has no longer yet defined its courting to the past because the non-stop chain of its evolution has been damaged when brought to the groundbreaking discoveries of modern-day era. .. Therefore, eastern contemporary architecture and mainly that of Iran actively seeks its relationship to the beyond. This investigation indicates up in expert market with […]
Have you ever questioned how era can adjust our environment? Or, how era granted us new experiences in our own surroundings?. The viable solutions are approximately the usefulness of robots, spaceships, skyscrapers, and etc., however how approximately mixing nature and technology. One of the primary precedents of such tries turned into the Philip Johnson’s Glass House with all its critiques.  However, in the heart of Graz, second largest metropolis of Austria, lies an island inside the river which blends the character and generation in a completely extraordinary way. The Murinselor Mur Island is an synthetic floating island on Mur river in Graz, […]
DESCRIPTION Wood is a idea that mimics the natural growth behaviour of plants. The tale of the shape starts wherein a tree is planted. When a tree turns into material for numerous structural purposes, the materials come to be a building and then the building decays with time and diminishes back into nature, developing an organism like lifecycle which exists with out resisting and working alongside with main forces inside earth’s natural ecosystem (more resilient architecture). Boom, acts as seed that spontaneously impregnates in nature. It sprouts to create symbiotic relationships among architectural lifestyle and industry. When the system grows enough to create […]
DESCRIPTION The essential challenges of the mission had been first the region limits for providing a range range of spaces, for a huge quantity of personnel and customers of the company, second, the narrow width of the undertaking for bringing the natural light into the spaces with reference of the structural weakness of the constructing. The employer’s emphasis on admire for person employees and their morale through developing areas with equal high-quality and setting up all sectors with near interplay in between, are some of topics that influenced the design process.In the primary stage, areas were designed primarily based at the get entry to hierarchy and the requirements of every space. After the formation of the basic scheme of spatial relationships, floor plans had been mounted to in shape the bodily application of […]
DESCRIPTION The pavilion is located in woodside,brikenhead, united kingdom and while thinking about the possibility of a modular and flexible design and also the usage of sustainable substances that can be taken down without problems and transported to different locations for other purposes.According to the rich history of Brikenhead, it could be comprehended the words inclusive of Development and Progress. Brikenhead is a metropolis close to with the aid of Mersey River that its get right of entry to to the sea has helped the alternate and commercial enterprise in city to get burgeoned.( 1. Growth of the transportation […]
  DESCRIPTION “Entertainment is the first-class prepared to get humans out of the house, those that provide an enjoyable experience to all guests, irrespective of their age, spending power or stage of enjoy,” says Joe McCullagh of Player One Amusement Group. Media is a powerful tool across the world to elevate the general public opinion of the society to impact on the communities. Now a day’s media take a one of a kind aspect, which is the media enjoyment that encourages people to collaborate and communicate their opinion in a more public manner and while exciting themselves and others. For […]
DESCRIPTION The mosque’s designs today are normally unbiased of the urban scale and they may be usually imitations of the past. For this reason, Architects have attempted to reinterpret the habits and tradition that come from our history by thinking about the structure that assimilates the historical culture and blends with the up to date technological possibilities. The Architect reinterpreted the mosque schemes of the classical period; placement of the courtyard, narthex, fountain, women mihrab, minaret, and porches changed into examined in depth, we’ve designed placement in in step with topography.Architects […]