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Foster + Partners Designs Stations With Tree-Like Flexible Roofs For Saudi Arabian Cities
Foster + Partners has completed four major stations for the 450-kilometre high-speed rail between the major Saudi Arabian cities of Makkah, Madinah, [...]
Exclusive Interview With Iranian Aga Khan Award Winners Leila Araghian And Alireza Behzadi
Due to complete the new project “Contemporary Architecture of Iran After Islamic Revolution” by World Architecture Community Country [...]
Varesh Building Arel Architects Group Company Iran
DESCRIPTION The main challenges of the project were first the area limits for providing a variety range of spaces, for a large number of employees and [...]
Woodside Pavilion IRAN
DESCRIPTION The pavilion is located in woodside,brikenhead, united kingdom and while considering the possibility of a modular and flexible design and also [...]
Designed Media Entertainment Hub Jeddah Saudi Arabia
DESCRIPTION “Entertainment is the best equipped to get people out of the house, those that offer an enjoyable experience to all guests, no matter their [...]
Mosque Design in Fort Munro Known As NIMROO Dera Ghazi Khan
DESCRIPTION The mosque’s designs today are generally independent of the urban scale and they are generally imitations of the past. For this reason, [...]
Cankırı Mosque in Turkey
DESCRIPTION This mosque project is part of recreational area which is located at TCDD train road line of Cankırı. According to the site analysis of [...]
Jeddah Wellness Destination cultural building
DESCRIPTION An approach towards healing stresses by learning and practicing art, music, and yoga. Art, music, and yoga provide healing and therapy for [...]
Wind Tunnel Testing Building Turkey
DESCRIPTION The Wind Tunnel Testing Building was planned to be constructed in Ankara, the employer asked us to develop a concept design to be used as a [...]
ThermaCity Residences Turkey
DESCRIPTION ThermaCity Residences are designed as Afyon’s first large-scale and multi-use residential project located on the ridge of Demirçevre [...]